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(Stop Turbine Onshore Proliferation In Torridge)


Campaign to stop five 107m high Wind Turbines Harbourcross, Meddon, North Devon.



Updated 05/05/2015 at 13:51

Yes you guessed it they have appealed at the last minute two days before their 6 months ran out !!

The Appeal Ref is : 3027970

They have asked for a Public Enquiry in November 2015 !!

Draft Time Table


Link to Torridge Website 2 new documents so far.

Appeal Form

Appellant`s Case


Harbour Cross on TDC Website

As I find out more I will update this site, we need to fight this desecration of the country side as since their first application five years ago

it has got many more turbines erected on it and also many have been refused by the council and then again at appeal.




Site Plan





Tower V Turbine

Big Ben Clock Tower 96m X 12m Versus Turbines 107m To Tip (Scaled as close as possible)


Picture showing all properties within 1.5Km radius of each of the five turbines will add more pins to most of the single properties when time permits.


Large Picture


Map shows positions of all known turbines taken from Council Planning Sites

We now have around 120 turbines working or in planning within a 15km radius of Bradworthy

(Total Visible on Map 451)

Key to Pin Colours is now on map.

If I have missed any or the status has changed please let me know

If you download the Google Addin Map (Turbine.KMZ) below you will get a better idea of what is happening.

I have grouped the turbines together in working , planning etc... so you can easily turn off different groups to aid viewing.

I will also carry on adding the planning numbers and location details onto each turbine pin.

Started adding Teignbridge , East Devon , South Hams.

I have added some 3D turbine models on the KMZ file


I know its not perfect but at least I am trying to show what is happening to DEVON !!!!


Click for large size map

Right Click and "Save Target As" (KMZ File)


We already have Fullabrook residents complaining of not being able to sleep properly because of the constant noise, lets stop Meddon Plan now before it is to late.

They will not be happy till North Devon is covered in Turbines so be warned it may be Meddon now but trust me it will be your area Next.


Turbine Comparison

Click for large size picture



This is a spreadsheet I try and keep updated with what it is roughly costing the electricity bill payers

of this country to subsidies wind power the total is now over £1 Billion !! just on the information I can gather from

BM Reports website and what the average price of one ROC is worth.

Excel Spreadsheet Link


Just added to Pictures section google 3d view of proposed turbine site.


Please keep checking site as we will add new content as and when available